As a leadership development coach, certified speaking coach, and licensed psychotherapist, I'm here to help you step into your most empowered, authentic leadership role.

My passion is to combine cutting edge psychology tools with proven leadership strategies to guide you in building assertive communication skills, your bold leadership presence, unshakable confidence, and influential speaking skills that get results.

When you have these skills, you will be unstoppable as you lead and empower those around you with true confidence.


An only child, I grew up in and around the forests of Yosemite National Park. My mom was a professional storyteller and my dad was a park ranger... and I was an incredibly shy girl who learned she had to stay small, quiet, and "good" in order to be accepted.

I discovered acting as a way to come (slightly) out of my shell, and I pursued a career in the theatre, where performed on hundreds of stages, big and small from Disneyland, to Ringling Bros, to Universal Studios Theme Park. 

But through it all I was still unsure of myself when I was off stage. I still thought that in oder to be accepted and allowed to take up space I had to be "perfect".



It took going back to school to become a licensed psychotherapist and doing my own personal inner work to be able to shift from feeling fearful and small to believing that I deserved to claim my space in this world 

Through thousands of hours training to become a licensed psychotherapist, providing therapy to hundreds of clients, offering leadership and speaking coaching and training to entrepreneurs, corporate execs, and business leaders, and of course, doing my own personal work that I was able to gain the confidence to show up and step out as a leader who truly believes she belongs.

I want the same for you.

I've packaged up my skills and expertise to help you become a confident, empowered leader who knows how to speak with heart, communicate with clarity, and lead with calm, confident authority... who knows she belongs with a seat at the table.

Book a call with me today and let's talk about how turn your biggest dreams into a tangible reality. 


Here’s your invitation to clear the blocks that stand in the way of your success while you turn your biggest dreams into a reality with supportive, psychology-driven, leadership coaching.


"Carissa Karner’s 'Leadership Accelerator' program is a powerful approach to helping people become great leaders and executives in the most direct and practical ways possible."

- Larry Freed, NuView Coaching


"Carissa is phenomenal. She is impactful, diligent, and fierce when it comes to helping clients achieve the confidence and skill necessary to not only achieve their goals, but achieve them abundantly." 

- M.S.