Communication is the Key to Great Relationships with Delee D'Arcy

Season #1 Episode #17

Anyone can learn the communication skills that create harmony at home or in business.

In this episode, Delee D'Arcy equips you with practical strategies for improving effective communication to strengthen your relationships and persevere through overwhelming challenges.

Delee has been passionate about helping men communicate well with those who matter most. She believes unspoken inner conflict and anger outbursts are primary problems in marriages.

In this episode, Delee and Carissa discuss:

  • How to create more intimacy in your relationship with the right communication tools
  • What you might be getting wrong when it comes to communication and how to redirect your inner compass
  • The best way to deal with an argument so that both partners feel heard

If you want better communication with anyone in your life then this is the episode for you!

About our guest: Delee is a men’s communi-coach, where she provides a woman’s perspective while honoring your role in life and in the family. A healthy respect for the values of leadership, integrity and responsibility allows her to connect with her clients. As she encourages clients to reset and reroute, their relationships SHIFT into overdrive.

Having worked in the advertising and travel industries, Delee re-routed her own path, receiving her Master’s Degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Marriage and Family Therapy. With 28 years as a couples therapist and 30 years of personal experience, Delee uses her own tools because communication is a key factor in whether relationships beat the odds or crash and burn. 

As a Certified Clini-Coach® Delee has expanded her ability to serve her clients for the win.

Knowing that divorce is the ultimate unwanted relationship outcome, Delee helps men reset their GPS. Add in a healthy dose of humor and in-your-face straight talk rounds out the package. You'll JumpStart your dream life and convince others that you're more than angry. 

Delee will teach you to adjust your timing, check your pressure and know why you need to refuel your emotional energy. 

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