Speaking on Success

Speaking on Success

Hosted by: Carissa Karner

Welcome to the place where experts share their most powerful secrets to personal and professional success! With every episode we’ll pave the way for you to step into your next level of success: you'll uncover the keys...


Communication is the Key to Great Relationships with Delee D'Arcy

Season #1 Episode #17

Anyone can learn the communication skills that create harmony at home or in business.In this episode, Delee D'Arcy equips you with practical strategies for improving effective communication to strengthen your...
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Change Your Thinking to Break Through Anxiety with Kathy DiGiacomo

Season #1 Episode #16

Does anxiety ever creep in and stop you from your goals?In this episode, Kathy DiGiacomo will give you actionable tools to reduce anxiety and feel more confident in your business.Kathy tells her story of how she was...
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How to Stop Feeling Like an Imposter and Build Up Your Self Belief with Victor Mosconi

Season #1 Episode #15

Do you ever feel like an imposter despite your experience, expertise, and education? That if people really knew you, they’d find out that you don’t know what you’re doing?That experience has a name. It’s called:...
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Self Care Isn't Selfish: Taking care of yourself means taking care of your business with Edie DeVilbiss

Season #1 Episode #14

Do you ever worry that taking time for yourself means taking time away from your business? In this episode, our guest Edie DeVilbiss will show you how taking time for self care will support your business — not detract...
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How Allowing Yourself to Be Human Will Improve Your Business with Edmond Abramyan

Season #1 Episode #13

Have you taken ownership over your own success?In this episode, Edmond Abramyan, shares about how he built a successful and lucrative business in his 20’s, but he knew something was missing.It took a severe accident...
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Do You Need a Business Plan? with David Brown

Season #1 Episode #12

How do you know when it’s time for a business plan?In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with David Brown, who is known for showing entrepreneurs how to save time and resources by creating a strong and solid...
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The Myth Slayer with Scott Mason

Season #1 Episode #11

Did you know Greek Mythology can help you have more charisma?This week, I spoke with Scott Mason, a.k.a. the Myth Slayer, who believes everyone can boost their charisma (or get some if you think you have a...
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Simplify and Step Away From the Day to Day with Alvin Narsey

Season #1 Episode #10

Would you like to know how to have a thriving business AND have the personal freedom to enjoy your life? This week, my guest is Alvin Narsey, successful business owner, coach, and clinical pharmacist, who is known for...
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Want More Sales? Then Focus on Relationships with Victor Dwyer

Season #1 Episode #9

What if you could make more sales by never focusing on selling again?In this episode, we're joined by Victor Dwyer, a sales expert who assists other entrepreneurs in raising brand awareness, increasing sales, and...
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The Power of Your Wardrobe To Increase Sales

Season #1 Episode #8

Did you know that what you wear can increase (or decrease) your sales?In this bonus mini-episode, Certified Event Producer™ @ShayWheat shows you how choosing your clothes (and even your jewelry) can make an impact on...
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The Power of Events to Scale Your Business with Shay Wheat

Season #1 Episode #7

As an entrepreneur, how do you know when you’re ready to put on a big event? This week, we’re joined by Certified Event Producer™ & CEO of Grace & Ease Productions, Inc, Shay Wheat, who explains the importance...
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Successfully Showing Up as YOU with Andre Lam

Season #1 Episode #6

Do you ever worry that you’re not enough?We're joined this week by former software developer turned “person developer”, Andre Lam, who discusses the importance of authenticity in business and how being your most real...
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