The Myth Slayer with Scott Mason

Season #1 Episode #11

Did you know Greek Mythology can help you have more charisma?

This week, I spoke with Scott Mason, a.k.a. the Myth Slayer, who believes everyone can boost their charisma (or get some if you think you have a charisma-deficit).

Scott knows what it’s like to feel empty and hollow inside, and he knows what it's like to be revived and in love with life. He’s taken his experience as a high powered lawyer, a business owner, and a lover of Greek mythology and packaged it into a powerful program to help you slay the myths that hold you back from feeling alive and successful. 

In this episode, Scott and Carissa discuss:

  • The 5 toxic myths that could be standing between you and success
  • How everyone has charisma and how you can unlock yours (you don’t have to be “born with it”)
  • How Greek Mythology will show you the path to tap into your inner power

About our guest: Scott Mason is The Myth Slayer: a speaker, coach, and author who works with executives and successful entrepreneurs to develop clarity as to their vision, goals, and purpose, reconnect with inner truth values, and up-level their leadership and business skills: to magnetize and monetize professional freedom.    

Scott's trailblazing Signature Program combines his wealth of professional and business experience with the fun, excitement, and deeper, universal meanings of Greek mythology to help clients dislodge toxic myths to set their singular charisma on fire. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Scott worked for over 20 years as an attorney and senior executive with a variety of organizations in the government and the nonprofit sectors.  He then successfully grew and scaled a manufacturing company. His insights on leadership and transformation have been published in both book compilations and online magazines such as "Authority," "Vents," "Medium," and "CEO Blog Nation."

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