How Allowing Yourself to Be Human Will Improve Your Business with Edmond Abramyan

Season #1 Episode #13

Have you taken ownership over your own success?

In this episode, Edmond Abramyan, shares about how he built a successful and lucrative business in his 20’s, but he knew something was missing.

It took a severe accident in a martial arts class to turn his world around and help him realize how to redefine his life and business to create fulfillment and true success.

In this episode, Ed and Carissa discuss:

  • How fully embracing your human struggles will help you become more successful.
  • Ed’s book, Wired for Success, where he shares his journey and the entrepreneurial wisdom he’s gathered through his success.
  • What Kaizen is and how it can help you be and FEEL more successful in your life. 
  • How to take one step to overcome perfectionism right now

About our guest: At twenty-one, Edmond Abramyan built a successful e-commerce and wholesale business, and within one year, he expanded into distribution with his own product line, which maintained profitability for over ten years. And he started all this with just $160. Today, Edmond is still in business, and he's also an author, investor, and consultant, as well as a mentor to newer entrepreneurs, helping them develop business strategies and mindsets so that they can grow their businesses online. To this end, he has spent years cultivating business and psychological acumen and is no stranger to starting different types of companies from the ground up. His idea is that a person's philosophy is the number one factor that holds them back from tapping into the creative genius within to solve everyday challenges.

Check out Ed’s powerful new book on Business Life Tactics, Wired for Success, and read the first chapter on the house.

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