How to Stop Feeling Like an Imposter and Build Up Your Self Belief with Victor Mosconi

Season #1 Episode #15

Do you ever feel like an imposter despite your experience, expertise, and education? That if people really knew you, they’d find out that you don’t know what you’re doing?

That experience has a name. It’s called: Imposter Phenomenon! 

In this episode, Victor Mosconi explains what imposter phenomenon is (and why he calls it imposter phenomenon instead of the term you might be more familiar with – imposter syndrome).

Victor honestly shares about how he struggled with feeling like an imposter for most of his life, and how he thought that something was wrong with HIM. 

It was only after he began researching the imposter phenomenon in graduate school that he realized that his feelings of not-good-enough came from the culmination of childhood experiences. With this new knowledge he started to realize that he was not a “throw away person” and started to see his own value. Now he teaches others to do the same. 

In this episode, Victor and Carissa discuss:

  • Learn about the difference between imposter syndrome and impostor phenomenon
  • Actionable strategies to overcome the toxic cycle of imposter syndrome without falling back into the same patterns. 
  • How to recognize imposter phenomena in yourself and take immediate action to see your true worth

About our guest: 

Victor Mosconi, is a PhD Candidate in Psychology, with a Master’s in Psychology of Leadership Development and Coaching, a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and founder of Imposter Solution Coach. Through his life-long experience with imposter syndrome, his psychology background, and coaching skills, Victor specializes in supporting up-and-coming women leaders and entrepreneurs in overcoming their self-doubt and imposter thoughts to develop a mindset of self-appreciation and strong self-belief. You can take his quiz on his website and discover what level of impostor syndrome you experience.

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