Self Care Isn't Selfish: Taking care of yourself means taking care of your business with Edie DeVilbiss

Season #1 Episode #14

Do you ever worry that taking time for yourself means taking time away from your business? 

In this episode, our guest Edie DeVilbiss will show you how taking time for self care will support your business — not detract from it. 

After many years working as a 911 operator, Edie discovered first hand the debilitating impact burnout and compassion fatigue can have on a person. 

She combined all of her knowledge — from her time with 911, her experience as a Chaplain, and her work as a Clinical Counselor, to develop a powerful signature process to prevent and heal from burnout. 

Her Chaos to Calm program is something anyone can do, no matter how much you have on your shoulders and how limited your time is.

In this episode, Edie and Carissa discuss:

  • How taking time for self-care can help you have a stronger and more successful business.
  • How to know if you’re experiencing compassion fatigue or burnout and what to do about it. 
  • The 4 steps that you can use immediately to bring more CALM into your life.

About our guest: Edie leverages her life experience and academic knowledge, plus years of trial and error, and brings you simple and actionable strategies to shape your life to

your liking. In a world of stress, she empowers you to regain your calm confidence to step into your best self. Your life is worth your effort.

Edie is a powerful speaker, teacher, and mentor. She combines her years of experience as a 911 Operator, a clinical counselor, and a chaplain to create transformative workshops and programs that help people heal burnout and thrive.

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