The Power of Your Wardrobe To Increase Sales

Season #1 Episode #8

Did you know that what you wear can increase (or decrease) your sales?

In this bonus mini-episode, Certified Event Producer™ @ShayWheat shows you how choosing your clothes (and even your jewelry) can make an impact on your sales!

We’re talking about deep unconscious psychology at work here.

In this episode, Shay and Carissa discuss using ALL the tools you have available to make the biggest impact possible, which include what you wear!

You gotta listen to this. Shay is an expert when it comes to creating a virtual or live event to maximize profits for your business.

If you are even the tiniest bit curious about how what you wear on stage or on zoom can help you make more sales, don’t miss this short bonus episode! 

About our guest: Shay Wheat is a Certified Event Producer™ & Creator of popular programs such as “The Powerful Event Process”, “The Ultimate Event Planner Certification Program”, and CEO of Grace & Ease Productions, Inc. Grace & Ease Productions, Inc supports our clients in creating Powerful and Profitable events. Producing In-Person and Live-Virtual events from 50 to 4,000+ attendees and collaborating with many well-known celebrities such as Dr. Oz, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Claire Zammit, Bill Baren, Alison J. Prince, Josh Turner, and many others. 

Shay assists Speak-to-Sell clients to be extremely profitable with their events: just recently one client generated over $2.1 Million dollars in one Virtual Live 3-day event. Shay’s clients have made over $24 Million in revenue, gaining over 3,500 NEW clients and changing the lives of over 16,000+ attendees. 

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About Carissa Karner: Carissa Karner is a World Class Speaking Coach and TEDx coach, the founder of the Speaker-in-Demand Programs, where she helps ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals who want to use speaking to bring in more clients and make more revenue. Book a call or learn more at

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