Change Your Thinking to Break Through Anxiety with Kathy DiGiacomo

Season #1 Episode #16

Does anxiety ever creep in and stop you from your goals?

In this episode, Kathy DiGiacomo will give you actionable tools to reduce anxiety and feel more confident in your business.

Kathy tells her story of how she was raised in a dysfunctional and abusive family system. This led her to start her own personal development at a young age, and she hasn’t stopped learning since then.

Now she shares her wisdom with her clients to help them create a profitable online business and feel GOOD doing it.

In this episode, Kathy and Carissa discuss:

  • Techniques to deal with the anxiety that comes up as an entrepreneur
  • How to shift your internal bully and be kind to yourself
  • The 4 keys to shift your thinking from negative to positive so you can move forward instead of feeling stuck in imposter thoughts

About our guest: Kathy is CEO and founder of Kathy Di Giacomo Coaching – she’s a

Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist. Kathy provides coaching, training, and webinars, to entrepreneurs who feel lost, stuck, and don’t know how to get new clients. She helps her people reconnect with their unique self and create more revenue by moving their business online where they can pursue their business dreams, work less and earn more.

With her 30 years of experience as an expert in nutrition creates a whole-body experience for her clients that includes a mental, physical, and spiritual process. Kathy helps people with her unique expertise and the tools she has gained from seminary, 10 years’ experience as a therapist, and her time in dance and theater. She is also an accomplished author, speaker, and visionary entrepreneur.

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