Successfully Showing Up as YOU with Andre Lam

Season #1 Episode #6

Do you ever worry that you’re not enough?

We're joined this week by former software developer turned “person developer”, Andre Lam, who discusses the importance of authenticity in business and how being your most real self will attract your dream clients.

But it wasn’t always confidence and a strong sense of character for Andre. He grew up feeling like he  was not enough, and that he wouldn’t be able to truly be a success in life. But things changed…

Listen to this episode to find out more.

In this episode, Andre and Carissa discuss:

  • How being your authentic self can increase your sales
  • What it means to be a heart-centered leader
  • How to show up as YOU in your business and how that will impact your success
  • The power of human connection

About our guest: Andre is a former software developer turned person developer. With a career spanning almost two decades with stints in Toastmasters and BNI he transitioned from software development to sales to coaching doing what he loves which is to become his best self and helping others along the way for their reasons. Coaching from his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta he loves any physical activity especially when it comes to bodybuilding and dancing.

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