Embrace Your Servant's Heart to Elevate Your Business with Jim Harwick

Season #1 Episode #5

Heart centered leadership is the key to having a fulfilling, successful business.

Business owners often forget their "why", or may never have uncovered their “why” for being in business. It may surprise you to learn that embracing your servant's heart can elevate your business to new levels of success while also helping you to enjoy your business and your life.

This week’s guest, Jim Hardwick, is a successful business leader who’s passionate about serving others.

In this episode, Jim and Carissa discuss:

  • The power that embracing your servant’s heart can have on your business.
  • How Jim went from dreading every day in the corporate world to loving life by being of service.
  • The power of saying YES and listening to the little voice inside. 
  • A new paradigm of leadership and success.

Through a heart-centered approach to business, you can have massive success AND love the life you lead.

About our guest: Jim is a leader who is passionate about serving others. He is a Fractional/Outsourced VP of Sales, and helps small to medium sized businesses understand their sales situation and develop solutions to improve and grow their revenue through a simple and disciplined approach. He has over 25+ years of sales leadership experience in small family business, mid-size companies and in large Fortune 500 companies. 

Jim and his wife, Jody, lead a dental team to Kenya each year. They work with the Masai people which is the indigenous tribe in this area. Access to dental care is extremely limited and their heartfelt program is to take people out of dental pain. During their last trip in February, they saw 261 patients and performed 1000 procedures in four days. Lastly, Jim newest adventure to kick-off in 2023 he will be taking Business Leadership to Kenya on Safari. During these six days they will go on safari, experience the Masai people and attend Jim’s program which is “Embracing your Servant’s Heart to Elevate Your Business”. This will be a trip of a lifetime and a transformational experience. Jim’s heart for serving others is infectious and he lives each day to lift others up.

Jim on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sales-xceleration/

Jim on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SalesXceleration/

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