Become an Inspiring Success Story with Your Speaking With Dr. Cindy Tsai

Season #1 Episode #4

Have you ever felt burned out?

It has long been glamorized to work very long hours and push yourself to the limit, not just in the corporate world but also in the entrepreneurial world – leaving many business owners exhausted, anxious, and stressed.

Our guest this week, Dr. Cindy Tsai, is a board-certified doctor, TEDx speaker, a best-selling author, and a mindfulness expert who offers coaching to help you live your dream life without chronic stress. 

In this episode, Cindy and Carissa discuss:

  • The power mindfulness can have on your success
  • A simple calming breath you can do anytime to reduce anxiety
  • Cindy’s 3 groundbreaking pillars to be a calm and confident leader and entrepreneur 
  • Tips to land your TEDx talk 

Discover how you can become an inspiring success story with the power of speaking.

About our guest: Dr. Cindy Tsai is a board-certified physician, speaker, bestselling author, mindfulness teacher, and life coach who is committed to helping high-achievers live their best life with ease. As a physician, she saw the impacts of chronic stress on the body and wanted to do more than prescribe medications as a bandaid. Now, she aims to provide a radical path to healing and translates her professional knowledge into a powerful blueprint with the Inspiring Success Story Method™ to help people step beyond their comfort zones and dare to achieve their dreams.

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