Speak a Clear Message by Healing Your Success Wound With Brooke Taylor

Season #1 Episode #2

When the drive for success and perfection becomes all that matters, it can easily burn you out and cause you deep emotional pain. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this episode, Brooke Taylor, Transformational Career Coach, shares about the “Success Wound”, and how healing this internal wound leads to a more easeful and joyful professional life—without sacrificing professional success. 

In this episode, Brooke and Carissa discuss:

  • How to identify the Success Wound.
  • The steps to heal if you have the symptoms.
  • The profound and positive impact that healing the Success Wound can have on your life.
  • How to create Conscious Success instead. 

Listen to this episode and discover how to heal the Success Wound and transform your relationship to your work and your life. 

About our guest, Brooke Taylor: Brooke is a Transformational Career Coach, organizational consultant and speaker, who helps professional women align ambition with their purpose. She was named a “Top Career Coach to Watch'' by the Australian Business Journal in 2021, and has worked with Google, Uber, and McKinsey where she taught women about their success wounds and how to heal them. As a speaker, Brooke brings a polished yet down to earth energy along with a willingness to get radically honest about what it really means to create success. 

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About Carissa Karner: Carissa Karner is the founder of the Speaker-in-Demand Programs, where she helps experts, entrepreneurs, and high-level leaders discover how to raise their reach, recognition, and revenue with compelling speaking through her proprietary process, The SHINE Method™. Book a call or learn more at https://carissakarner.com/

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