Capitalize On Your Uniqueness with Ali Skylar

Season #1 Episode #1

Do you want to know how to stand out with your marketing, even in a saturated market? 

Our very first podcast guest, Ali Skylar, discusses how to capitalize on your uniqueness to create a signature program that stands out and magnetizes clients. 

In this episode, Ali and Carissa discuss:

  • How to discover what makes you unique and use that to showcase your expertise. 
  • The best ways to use speaking to grow your visibility and your brand. 
  • Ali’s unique side business of breathable undies for women!

You won’t want to miss a minute of this engaging conversation. 

About our guest, Ali Skylar: Ali Skylar is the co-founder and Content and Digital Director for the business development company, Capitalize On Your Uniqueness, where she helps passion-driven entrepreneurs learn how to package, market and monetize their expertise. Ali is also the founder and personal growth blogger at Sucky To Soulful, and she wrote a musical entitled “What About Me?”. She recently developed V-Air: a healthy line of underwear for women that lets their vagina breathe! Book a call with Ali Skylar:

About Carissa Karner: Carissa Karner is the founder of Speaker-in-Demand, where she helps leaders and entrepreneurs discover how to raise your reach, your recognition, and your revenue with compelling speaking. Book a call or learn more at

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